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Grail Hunt

Quest for the Grail

The Grail Hunt is a scavenger hunt open to all who have raced at least one race in the Cross Crusade series in the same calendar year. The Grail Hunt starts August 30, 2015, and concludes the date of the CC Series Awards Ceremony. The Grail Hunt is conducted on public property in and around Portland. If the map leads you to a park, the relic can be placed anywhere in park.

Hunters will look for (12) Orange ICONS, which will be placed in plain sight. This year follow the map in any direction. The link is (http://www.mapfab.com/map/mobile/QMQ/grail-map) . If the relic is not found after 1 week of placing, clues to the locations of the Icons will be posted on the Cross Crusade's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and will be posted on the Cross Crusade web site.

You will know the Icon when you see it: it is a bright orange painted CC Cross

Within 100 meters of each icon a Relic OR THE HOLY GRAIL is hidden in plain sight. Relics have the CC Cross on them. Only Ryan Weaver has found the Grail. He says it is GOLD. Empty beer bottles are NOT relics.

Retrieve the Relic or the GRAIL. Report the code written on it to:

Kevin Blair (kevin.j.blair@hotmail.com)

Put the words "Grail Hunt Relic" in the subject line.

Clue #1

One Relic will be hidden at each of 2 of the cyclocross races that precede the CC Series.

Finders of the first 2 Relics will be awarded a 2015 Cross Crusade Season Pass. Finders of the remaining 10 Relics will be awarded a 2016 Cross Crusade Season Pass. Finder of the HOLY GRAIL will be awarded a GEAR GRAND PRIZE (Value of $400).


  1. All Participants (Crusaders) must race at least one RCB Cross Crusade Race to be eligible.
  2. Crusaders may find only ONE RELIC or the GRAIL and can claim only one Prize.
  3. Only ONE RELIC/Prize is allowed per family, clan or tribe. Prizes are not transferable.
  4. All relic hunters must be 21 and over to be eligible for prizes.
  5. All relics must come to the season ending party!

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