River City Bicycles Cross Crusade
Barton racer
Series Race #6
November 17, 2013
Barton Park
Barton, Oregon

Daily Race Schedule

8:40am Beginners, Unicycles* 40 min
9:30am Category C, Clydesdale 45 min
10:25am Break/course preview 10 min
10:35am Masters Category C 35+ 45 min
11:30am Masters B 35+, Masters 50+, Masters 60+ 45 min
12:20pm All Juniors: Men, Women** 30 min
1:00pm Break/course preview 10 min
1:15pm Category A Men, Category A Women, Masters Category A 35+ 60 min
2:20pm Women: Cat B, Cat C, Beginners, Masters 35+ A, B, 45+ 45 min
3:15pm Category B and Single Speed 45 min

*One lap only, starting after the Beginners
**Juniors are racers with a racing age of 10-18.

Kid's Cross

Kid's 'Cross has changed this year - events all day! Don't worry, though, they will still be fun, non-competitive events for kids 10 and under sponsored by Speedvagen Racing Machines in support of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's goal of getting more kids on bikes more often. Get all the details.


Category A=OBRA and/or USCF categories 1,2, NORBA Expert (Please note: you may not self-upgrade to Category A)
Category B=OBRA and/or USCF category 3, NORBA Sport
Category C=OBRA and/or USCF categories 4&5, NORBA Beginner (Riders at this level may choose to race Category B.)
Masters= Age 35+ (unless otherwise noted) and ability graded as outlined above.
Singlespeeds=A single-speed bicycle is a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. These bicycles are without derailleur gears, hub gearing or other methods for varying the gear ratio of the bicycle. Locked out geared bikes (including electronic shifters without a battery) are not sufficient to qualify as single speed bikes.
Promoter and/or officials reserves the right to change your category. No sandbagging will be tolerated!


For Category A Men and Category A Women: $500, 5 deep prize list per race. 1st, $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $75, 4th $50, 5th $25.


$30.00 Category A Men, Category A Women ($230 series)
$10.00 Juniors ($80 series)
$5.00 Unicycles ($45 series)
$25.00 all other categories ($195 series)


You can register for the November 17 race online before November 15 at 9pm.

Racers may also preregister by sending a completed OBRA waiver (PDF) and check payable to "Club Vivo" to:

Crusade Registration
7025 SW 7th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

MUST be received no later than Thursday before the event. If it is not received by Thursday, you will have to pay at the event and will be refunded at the next event.

If you pre-register and you already have your Cross Crusade number, you can sign in a "self-service" line. If you need a number, there will be a separate line for pre-registered riders to pick-up numbers.

If you prefer to wait, day-of-event registration will be available at each race venue. Save time by printing out a waiver (PDF) and completing it at home.


Check out the series rules & prizes!


Most bikes are legal – Mountain bikes, 'cross, cruisers, unicycles, etc. But take heed: courses will favor those on 'cross bikes – so choose your weapon wisely! Please no fixed gears or bikes with bullhorns or bar ends.

Code of Conduct

Please use common sense. Please observe posted signs, OBRA rules (672 KB .pdf) and the Crusader's Code of Conduct.

Membership & Licenses

OBRA membership required for all riders. Single race memberships are available for $5.00. Season OBRA memberships are available for $10.00 (plus a small fee) online or $15.00 by mail or day-of-race. Season OBRA memberships are free for juniors.


Take I–205 to Exit 12, Clackamas/Estacada. Turn east-bound onto Hwy 212/224. Proceed 3.2 miles through Clackamas to the Hwy 212/224 split. Follow Hwy 224 to the right, following the signs to Estacada. Proceed 6.4 miles on Hwy 224 to Bakers Ferry Road and turn right. Follow signs to parking.

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