River City Bicycles Cross Crusade
Series Race #1
October 2, 2011
Alpenrose Dairy
Portland, Oregon

Please no alcohol of any kind on the Alpenrose campus!

Daily Race Schedule

8:50am Beginners, Unicycles A&B* 40 min
9:40am Category C, Clydesdale 45 min
10:35am Break/course preview 10 min
10:45am Masters Category C 35+ 45 min
11:40am Masters B 35+, Masters 50+, Masters 60+ , Jrs 12+ 45 min
12:35pm BTA Kiddie Kross A&B** 25 min
1:00pm Category A Men, Category A Women and Masters Category A 35+ 60 min
2:10pm Break/course preview 10 min
2:20pm Women: Cat B, Beginners, Masters 35+ A, B & 45+, Jrs 12+ 45 min
3:15pm Category B and Single Speed 45 min

*One lap only, starting after the Beginners
**Kiddie Kross: A non-competitive event for those 12 and under. Kiddies will be divided into 2 categories based on height and bike type: Kiddie Kross A's and B's. All 3 wheel bikes or bikes with training wheels are automatically in KK B's. Kids under an established height (TBD) are in KK B's. Kids on two wheels, over established height are KK A's. KK B's will do small inner loop specifically designed for them. KK A's will do ONE lap on the cross course.

Children with an actual age of 11 and under may not be on the course at the same time as adults.

Course Map

Check out the course map! Course changes are always possible.


For the first Crusade race, we will first call up the top five finishers from each category from the 2010 Cross Crusade. Next, points will be tabulated from Pain on the Peak, Double Cross (both days), and Battle at Barlow (see here). We will call up the top three in each category from that series of races. Finally, we will call up any rider who got a mandatory upgrade in those first races also. After that, all other riders will be called up via the patented Cross Crusade random number call-up. Beginners will get only random call-ups at the first race.


Category A=OBRA and/or USCF categories 1,2, NORBA Expert and anyone else who chooses to race at this level
Category B=OBRA and/or USCF category 3, NORBA Sport
Category C=OBRA and/or USCF categories 4&5, NORBA Beginner (Riders at this level may choose to race in a higher category.)
Masters= Age 35+ (unless otherwise noted) and ability graded as outlined above.
Promoter and/or officials reserves the right to change your category. No sandbagging will be tolerated!


For Category A Men and Category A Women: $500, 5 deep prize list per race. 1st, $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $75, 4th $50, 5th $25.


$30.00 Category A Men & Category A Women ($210 series)
$10.00 Juniors ($70 series)
$5.00 Unicycles ($40 series)
$25.00 all other categories ($175 series)


You can register for the series online or register for the October 2 race online before 9pm on September 30.

Racers may also preregister by sending a completed OBRA waiver (PDF) and check payable to "Club Vivo" to:

Crusade Registration
7025 SW 7th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

MUST be received no later than Thursday before the event. If it is not received by Thursday, you will have to pay at the event and will be refunded at the next event.

If you pre-register and you already have your Cross Crusade number, you can sign in a "self-service" line. If you need a number, there will be a separate line for pre-registered riders to pick-up numbers.

If you prefer to wait, day-of-event registration will be available at each race venue. Save time by printing out a waiver (PDF) and completing it at home.

Special Alpenrose-only Registration notes!

  1. If you registered online or mailed in a registration AND have a Cross number from David Douglas, Pain on the Peak, Hood River, Barlow, or Canby then you can go directly to the start of your race without checking in at registration. For the rest of the Crusade races we ask you to sign in but at Alpenrose you don't need to.
  2. If you registered online or mailed in a registration BUT don't have a Cross number yet, you can pick up a number on race day or you can show up at Alpenrose on Saturday from 12:00 noon to 3:00 to pick up a number or register.
  3. If you did NOT register online or by mail but have a number make sure to bring it with you. If you forget or lose your number it will cost you $5 to get a new one. You will not be charged for a new number if you upgrade to a new category or are upgraded by OBRA.
  4. Bring your OBRA license or a receipt for the purchase of a license. If you do not have one of these two documents you will have to buy a one day membership for $5.
  5. If you are changing categories or are upgraded you must pick up a new number so that you are scored correctly.
  6. You only have to fill out a waiver once for the Cross Crusade. That one waiver covers all the Cross Crusade events for 2011.
Questions about registration, email: jonemyers(at symbol)yahoo (dot) com


Check out the series rules & prizes!


All bikes are legal – Mountain bikes, 'cross, fixed gear, cruisers, unicycles, etc. But take heed: courses will favor those on 'cross bikes – so choose your weapon wisely! (UCI races will conform to UCI rules with regards to bikes)

Code of Conduct

Please use common sense. Please observe posted signs, OBRA rules (686 KB .pdf) and the Crusader's Code of Conduct.

Membership & Licenses

OBRA membership required for all riders. Single race memberships are available for $5.00. Season OBRA memberships are available for $10.00 (plus a small fee) online or $15.00 by mail or day-of-race. Season OBRA memberships are free for juniors.


From I–5 North or South. Take Terwilliger Exit and head North/West on Bertha Blvd. Left on Beaverton–Hillsdale Hwy. Left on Shattuck Rd, up the hill .5 miles, the dairy is on the right. (Or refer to Alpenrose Dairy's directions.)

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