River City Bicycles Cross Crusade
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Code of Conduct

Courses are marked by cones with Red on Right, Yellow on Left.

Pin your number on your left side, in line with the jersey side seam under your left arm. Place so that it can be read upright by the officials when you are racing.

There will be shoulder numbers that will need to be worn every race, regardless of the weather.

Each number has the name of the category on it and should only be worn in that specific category. You must have the correct number for each category you enter to be scored.

Anyone, riders and spectators should not cross the finish line in either direction, except when competing.

Bells are fun – ring them anywhere but at the finish line. It confuses the riders and aggravates the announcer.

Ride only on the course or in approved areas. Do not ride on any soccer/baseball/football or other sports field.

Ride on the course only during your race or during open course times. Do not ride the course while a race is underway.

Park only in designated areas, do not block driveways or access routes. Be aware that emergency vehicles may need access to the venue.

Wear a helmet when you're on your bike

Be considerate:

Race hard, support your fellow Crusaders, AND HAVE FUN!

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