River City Bicycles Cross Crusade
Geoff Raynak

Club Vivo Expert Shipwright

Alignment: Chaotic Good. Extremely dedicated to protecting innocents.

Physical: Just over six foot tall, with close cut hair. He has green eyes, one with a scar bisecting the eyebrow over it. A generally muscular build.

Clothing: Clothed in the armor, cloak, and clothing of a Royal Knight of Callan.

Occupation: Royal Knight specializing in hunting escaped criminals.

Skills/Abilities: Competent warrior, who dual wield broadswords, and an expert marksman with a bow. He is also an excellent tracker, but due to his magic resistance, he knows next to nothing about any form of magic.

Supernatural Abilities: Magic resistant.

Background: Born and raised in Barthis (I think it is somewhere in Canada) he lived a relatively peaceful life, apprenticing under a master hunter who lived in the city, when he got old enough, he went through training, and eventually fulfilled his dream of becoming a Royal Knight. Showing great skill in tracking escaped criminals from a breakout at the capitols prison, he was sent to aid the Erossus in hunting an escaped biological changling. When the knights were recalled to the capitol for investigation, he ignored the summons, thinking that this escaped criminal posed too much of a threat to everyone. He is currently to be taken immediately to the capitol if seen.

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